Gorgeous designs, impeccable beauty, and flawless patterns- these are some of the defining properties of tile flooring. 

Whether you pick up simple, plain white tiles or the tiles which have colorful designs, tile floors adorn almost any kind of a space with an unparalleled magnificence. 

And it’s not just their outer beauty which attracts the homeowners. Tile as a flooring material, is considerably durable and need a minimal amount of maintenance. 

However, there is a small amount that does need to be done, to maintain tiles original beauty. 

Here are some Dos and Don’ts that you need to follow to upkeep your new tile flooring:

The Dos:

  • Sweep dirt and dust regularly. If it settles, it has chances of sticking on the surface.
  • Mopping your tile floors about twice a week is good enough for houses with a moderate amount of trafic. For commercial spaces, you’ll need to mop your tile floors once a day.
  • To clean tile floors, use a sponge mop with warm water and soapless detergent. 
  • If you use a commercial tile floor cleaner, ensure that it is in a neutral state. Never use either acidic or alkaline floor cleaners. 
  • Get high-quality and durable floor mats which protect your tile floors. They limit the entrance of dust and dirt and lessen the amount of maintenance that the floors require. 
  • Tiles may need a periodic resealing. Get help from a good tile store and call a professional to reseal your floors when necessary. 

The Don’ts:

  • Do not use scorching soaps when it comes to cleaning tile floors. This type of soap leave behind a film which turns tile appearance dull and retards the beauty.
  • Acidic, chlorinated, ammoniac or alkaline solutions should be completely avoided to clean the tile surface. They can take away the gorgeous look of tiles in even just a few uses.
  • Never bleach your tile floors with bleaching solution or vinegar. 
  • Do not scrub the tile’s surface with hard steel scrubbers or sharp, abrasive tools. These types of materials cause non-repairable scratches.
  • Avoid tile cleaners which contain deep colors. These materials can leave permanent stains on the floor surface.
  • Do not try to fix any piece of tile if they become damaged or cracked, it’s always best to call a professional to replace tiles. 


It’s generally  a simple task to ensure the quality and maintenance of your tile floors, though it comes in a few important points.

Contact a good flooring store and get the best flooring materials for your new tiles floor, so you have have a floor you love for decades. 

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