Harwood floors make a beautiful and valuable addition to any home. Their smooth, durable finish is highly resistant to foot traffic and provides a timeless look to your space. If you are considering hardwood flooring, keep in mind that they require special cleaning techniques to preserve their smooth surface and value for years to come. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

DO: Immediately wipe up any liquid spills immediately to avoid staining. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove the spill starting from the edges and working toward the center.

DON’T: Avoid using an upright vacuum with beater bars on your hardwood floor, as these can scratch the finish. Instead, use a softer hardwood floor attachment.

DO: Sweep your floor frequently with a dust mop or broom with exploded tips to remove any dirt or small rocks that can scratch your floor when ground underfoot.

DON’T: Do not mop your floor or use dripping rags when cleaning. Hardwood floors should never get soaking wet and you run the risk of staining them permanently if water is left standing on the finish.

DO: Beware of spilling hair spray, furniture polish or nail polish remover. These can damage your floor’s finish and should be wiped up immediately with a damp cloth or ammonia-free window cleaner if the spill is stubborn.

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