The hardwood floors we have offer are an excellent long-term investment in your property.  They make a huge impression on potential buyers during resale and are highly sought-after.  The 'wow-factor' of perfectly installed and maintained flooring is a first-rate way to attract buyers.

Kiln-dried hardwood floors offer a strength and durability that can last for years and years.  Our experts will help you understand proper cleaning and maintenance techniques that will make your investment last for generations.

In general, wood is a fairly stable building material that experiences minimal expansion or shrinkage during its lifespan. In many applications, swelling and shrinking is allowed for in the construction, and this is true for the edges of hardwood floors, but changes in the thickness of the material can have a severe bad effect on your flooring. It is recommended that hardwoods be kiln dried before being made into flooring.

What Is Kiln Drying?

Kiln drying is the process of controlling heat, humidity and air flow in an enclosed environment, which causes moisture in wood to evaporate. It can be done in a solar kiln, a conventional kiln or a vacuum kiln. Solar kilns use the power of the sun to passively heat and dry the wood. This can be a long process, since it is dependent on weather. Conventional kilns use a heater and forced air to dry wood and are much more efficient. Vacuum kilns are used at high altitudes to rapidly dry wood, taking advantage of the lower atmospheric pressure.


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