When Carpet In Motion is installing wall-to-wall carpet, we take pride in the wonderful opportunity for making interior spaces look better. Carpeting not only is available in a lush variety of colors and textures, but it can be comforting, and important, and an essentially hassle-free solution for you home.

Some of the steps that we take are as follows: After the carpet pad has been installed, carpeting is measured and stretched tightly, then secured with tackless strips around entire room. We usually allow for a seam if the carpet is not large enough to cover the entire room. However, since seams are not durable, we strategize that the seams be located in low foot traffic areas and in inconspicuous locations.

The first step we take in installing wall to wall carpet is to determine how much carpet you need to purchase by measuring your room, and taking into account carpet width before ordering.  Then we prepare the floor as carpeting must be installed over a flat level surface.

To make the sub-floor carpet ready, damaged, worn or loose flooring must be removed or repaired or covered with plywood underlayment. If the pads will be laid over a concrete sub-floor, any moisture conditions must be removed. Concrete is ideally sealed to prevent recurring dampness.

That is about it for the basics of carpeting. Carpet In Motion has the knowledge and experience to get your flooring job done right the first time.