Carpet cleaning is one of the most evident maintenance issues all homeowners face and more often than not, many do not know how to accurately clean their carpet. Carpet can add warmth and charm to any space, but to keep that impression in tact, you must know the proper methods of carpet cleaning. You can either clean your carpet yourself or hire a carpet cleaning professional, but either way, all homeowners must know the most effective carpet cleaning methods below.

While your carpeting may not require the regular cleaning that other types of flooring demand, your carpet should be professionally cleaned once every year to 18 months, even if you vacuum regularly. Always read and follow the instructions provided by the carpet manufacturer.

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction injects a cleaning solution and hot water deep into the carpet and then vacuums both up. Along with cleaning the carpet on the surface level and removing unsightly stains, the high temperature of hot water extraction can kill bacteria and make the entire carpet more hygienic. This is not only the most popular option among homeowners today, but is highly recommended among carpet cleaning professionals.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Despite the name, there is a minimal amount of water involved in dry carpet cleaning. It applies a controlled amount of moisture to clean the carpet. The dry process alters the amount of chemicals used and how they're applied. A machine with two counter-revolving brushes moves the cleaning chemicals through the carpet's material. The cleaner supplies enough liquid to dissolve the dirt, then re-absorbs the soil and liquid, which leaves the carpet dry for vacuuming and immediate use.

A distinct advantage of the dry method over the more common steam cleaning method is little risk to over-wetting and immediate use. Homeowners who need the room much sooner, often choose the dry method. Businesses that can’t afford a day off frequently go with dry carpet cleaning as well. Homeowners can expect to pay roughly the same price for dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Shampoo Cleaning

Carpet shampooing is another option, but beware, the process can be risky, even for the more experienced do-it-yourselfers. The idea behind the shampoo method is to apply a good amount of foam to the carpet and let it dry. This special foam should attract the soil. Some homeowners scrub it in and some let it sit. Either way, afterwards, you must vacuum thoroughly to pick up all the leftover soil.

Beware, many people run into issues with this method, as it is easy to over-shampoo. Likewise, if the carpet is not sufficiently cleaned, stains could occur. Therefore, if you have a heavily soiled, low-pile carpet, carpet shampooing could be the answer, but we highly recommend hiring a carpet-cleaning professional. The cost to shampoo a carpet is comparable to the two methods above.

Stain Removal

No matter what precautions we take, carpet stains will occur, especially after your recent Super Bowl party. It is vital to remove the stain as soon as it occurs. If a particularly stain, such as wine, blood, coffee or nail polish, can't be removed on your own, then bringing in a pro is your best bet.


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