Although proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your carpet, every carpet that experiences regular use will eventually need to be replaced.  There are a number of signs your carpet is reaching this point, some quite obvious and some more subtle. Paying attention to these signs is important as the state of your carpet can impact the air quality, cleanliness and overall atmosphere of your home. We recommend you consider these four signs that your carpet may soon need to be replaced. 

1. Permanent Stains

Most carpets come with a built-in stain resistant finish, but over time this will fade leaving your carpet exposed to the elements. Often times a professional carpet cleaner can significantly lessen stains by using professional equipment that reaches the base of the carpet threads. Unfortunately, few cleaning products and technologies can reach stains that seep below the carpet. If pet feces, urine, mold, mildew or other organic contaminates are left too long on the carpet, they can soak into the carpet padding, causing harmful bacteria growth and mold.  

2. Wear and Tear

Are you seeing loose threads and tears in your carpet? If so, this is a good sign you’ll want to replace it soon. Certain carpets materials, like polyester, have a tendency to unravel further if left unrepaired. Nylon carpets tend to fare better under duress, but at a certain point the expenses and effort spent on repair are only postponing the inevitable.

3. Lingering Odor

If you or a past homeowner have owned a pet and haven’t thoroughly cleaned the carpet in a while, you may notice a lingering odor. If this odor remains or comes back after a professional cleaning, it is likely that it has penetrated into the carpet fibers, pad or subfloor where it can cause mold or bacteria growth. In this case, it is often most cost effective to replace the carpet entirely to eliminate the odors.

4. Allergy Symptoms

Do you have pet allergies? If you’ve recently moved into a new home containing carpet from the previous owners, you might want to consider replacing that carpet. Like odors, pet dander, hair and pests can work their way deep into carpet fibers and padding where they are difficult to remove. If you’ve noticed your allergies have been acting up since moving in, the previous owner’s pets may be the cause and replacing your carpet is the best way to eliminate your symptoms permanently.